Annual Guide 2018

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Every time, every place, has its own complement of interesting people. Our region is no different. We are all surrounded by people who are making a difference, leaders who work to the benefit of those around them. We strive to do this for our families, friends and fellow neighbors. This issue is dedicated to some of the most interesting people in our region and the positive difference we all can make in its transformation.
Inside this special guide, you’ll find resources on the region’s best destinations, high-quality locally owned businesses, healthcare experts and economic development trends.

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25 Local People Who Inspire

These stories of extraordinary courage, vision and passion present a powerful reminder of the transformations happening all around our region – and the everyday heroes who provide a guiding light.

Regional Art Museums Inspire the Soul

Art museums in our region allow children and adults to take an imaginative journey while learning a thing or two. Read about three art museums in our area and find some of the unique pieces that await.

Merrill & Houston’s Steak Joint: Serving Up a Home Away From Home

Mouthwatering steaks and succulent seafood are the stars at this Beloit steakhouse, but there’s plenty more to experience inside. Find out how this hangout at Ironworks Hotel pays tributes to its hometown in many ways.

Capital House: A First of its Kind in Downtown Rockford

It took longer than expected, but downtown Rockford’s newest destination has finally opened its doors. Discover this restaurant’s unique concept and why it’s so refreshing on the local dining scene.

How Design Experts Maximize Function When It’s Time to Refresh Your Home

Design experts in our region are skilled at making homes both both beautiful and functional. Discover how you can make the most of your space, time and money to realize the kitchens and bathrooms you’ve always dreamed of owning.

Benson Stone Co.: A One-Stop Destination Like No Other

Benson Stone Company is revered for being an all-encompassing home furnishing store. Travel through five generations of Benson family history and success, and learn how this business blossomed into the one-stop shop it is today.

2018 Guide to Senior Living Communities

One of the most significant decisions in life is how we’ll be cared for when we can no longer care for ourselves. Explore some of our area’s top communities for senior living.

2018 Annual Healthcare Guide

Looking for a certain kind of hospital, specialty clinic, or expert physician within our region? Find what you’re looking for in the region’s most comprehensive guide to health care services.

Peak Fitness and Sports Club: Where Confidence is Built

Getting healthy and in shape doesn’t have to be a frustrating experience. Discover a homegrown gym in Rockford that’s been built to cultivate healthy lifestyles.

Service Clubs Move Forward While Giving Back

It’s important to properly honor your loved ones in their final days and when they pass away. Learn about the various hospice centers, funeral homes and related services that can help you make the necessary expected and unexpected decisions.

The Best of Lake Geneva

No matter what the season, Lake Geneva is prepared to offer visitors adventurous experiences for lifelong memories. Here, we share our favorite restaurants, hotels, shops and excursions to stumble upon during your stay.

NWQ Getaway Guide, Annual Edition

A great weekend’s journey isn’t so far away. Here are some excellent places to visit.

2018 Guide to Professional Services Providers

When it comes to selecting a financial professional, bank, attorney or insurance company, relationships matter. We’ve found some of the region’s top providers, who pride themselves on building trust.

Economic Development: Expect Continued Growth in the Coming Year

Building off another impressive year of growth, area businesses are expanding their investments in new projects around northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin. Get the scoop on what’s new in our region and what’s to come in the year ahead.

Transform Rockford: Attacking Crime, City Sees Early Results

As the region continues on a path toward positive transformation, crime rates are gaining increased attention. Discover how new policing tactics are showing promising results for our region’s strategic renewal.

2018 Guide to Commercial Lending Services

As the business climate changes in our region, enterprising individuals are preparing to spread their wings and grab new opportunities. Our region’s commercial bankers stand at the ready to provide critical capital.

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