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Inside Today’s Manufacturing: What Drives the Rockford Region?

Did you know that one of every five jobs in the Rockford area involves manufacturing? Modern manufacturing involves much more than your old-school factory, and it reaches into everything from the chair you’re sitting on to the potato chips you’re snacking on, to the airplane flying overhead. Manufacturing is an essential part of our region’s identity, and a source of many well-paying careers. Since 2013, Northwest Quarterly Magazine has been highlighting some of the manufacturers that drive our region. Here are some of our favorites. A happy Manufacturing Day to you!

Tool & Die: The Secret to Creating Almost Anything

Tool and die makers produce parts used in most every kind of industry. Step inside Rockford Toolcraft and learn how Rockford’s manufacturing prowess supplies some of the country’s most recognizable brands.

From Idea to Flight, Engineers Make It Happen

Long before an airplane lifts off, engineers and designers must create every working part. Step inside Rockford’s Ingenium Aerospace and discover what drives our region’s manufacturing prowess.

EIGERlab: A Home-Grown Engine For Job Growth

In a city where manufacturing is our greatest industry, it’s easy to forget the impact of generating our own jobs and wealth. Step inside Rockford’s EIGERlab, where home-grown entrepreneurialism is the basis for a new economic paradigm

Mrs. Fisher’s Delicious Business

Manufacturing isn’t just about mechanical products. Food processing is big business, especially in our agriculture-rich region, where thousands of employees make it possible to get food from the farm to your table.

Spider Company’s Growing Role in Aerospace

Manufacturing has changed quite a bit, but it still provides nearly a fifth of our local jobs. Step inside this Rockford aerospace manufacturer that embraces both old-school production and new-school technology.