Northwest Quarterly Quiz: Take Me to the (Illinois) River

The 273-mile-long Illinois River has played a significant role in the history and economy of our state and the communities along its banks. Test the waters with this quiz and discover a few twists and turns of this terrific tributary.

Welcome to your Take Me to the (Illinois) River

These state parks near Ottawa sit across the Illinois River from one another.

Located along the banks of the Illinois River, this city is the state’s oldest settlement established by Europeans.

This John Hartford song is written from the perspective of a barge worker on the Illinois River.

Construction of the Illinois & Michigan Canal was paused for several years due to this.

The Canal Warehouse Museum in North Utica features a carriage used by this U.S. president.

The Radium Girls of Ottawa tragically contracted radiation poisoning from using self-luminous paint on these.

Jimmy Chamberlin, of Joliet, is the drummer for this rock band.

How deep is the deepest part of the Illinois River?

The Rev. Owen Lovejoy’s home in this city was a depot for the Underground Railroad.

Richard Pryor, the film actor and comedian, hailed from this river city.