Commercial Builders for Your Big Expansion

As our region rebounds and organizations continue investing in capital projects, you may be planning for your own growth project. We present some of the region’s top-notch firms for construction and contracting.

The Rockford region is on a rebound, and business owners are seizing opportunity wherever they can.
Unemployment rates are at the lowest levels in a decade. Downtown Rockford is coming to life with new businesses and tourist attractions. Major manufacturers are expanding their plants and introducing new product lines. Our educational institutions and government agencies are investing in our workforce, developing the skills needed to be successful in the 21st century.
It’s true that, over the past five years, nearly $2 billion has been invested in capital projects across the Rockford area – everything from manufacturing centers and schools to grocery stores, roads and live/work structures downtown.
In Wisconsin, where businesses are enjoying a lower-tax environment and rapidly expanding economy, new developments are popping up across numerous sectors – health care, education, manufacturing and homebuilding, for starters.
There’s a sense among many that this is just the beginning. Consider it a harbinger of this region’s long-awaited, renewed path to prosperity.
Can you imagine the possibilities if pro-business tax reform is passed in the coming year and elected officials continue their efforts to reduce the property tax burden?
As long-envisioned projects come to fruition, like the Amerock/Ziock hotel in downtown Rockford or the Powerhouse student center in downtown Beloit, the stage will be set for a new wave of prosperity that is sure to be felt by all in our region.
No doubt your business is already feeling the effects of this growing optimism. Sooner or later, you may find it’s time to begin planning an expansion for your own firm. Whether you’re looking to stretch out your current space or establish a new location (or locations), you’ll need a little help erecting the perfect structure.
For a ground-up project, you’ll need the help of a talented architectural firm and interior designer – experts who recognize what it takes to craft just the right facility for your industry. Then, you’ll need the help of skilled contractors, carpenters, electricians, roofers and plumbers to build a skeleton before skilled trade workers assemble all of the finishes and details inside.
Of course, our region boasts a wide selection of beautiful old buildings, long neglected and ready for some tender loving care. To restore these enduring structures and bring them into the 21st century, you’ll need experts who understand historical properties and their quirks.
We encourage and support economic growth, so to help you plan for your own expansion, now and in the future, we’ve collected information on some of the region’s top-notch firms for construction and contracting. They bring with them many years of proven experience and generations of satisfied clients. They’re just the sorts of advisers whose expertise is most appreciated in the flurry of activity surrounding your next building project. And they know what it takes to get the job done well.