Northwest Quiz: What Came First?

So much has happened in this region. See if you can tell which the items in each list came first.

1. Which group of native people first inhabited Wisconsin?
A) Oneota
B) Paleo-Indians
C) Ho-Chunk
D) Pottawatomie
2. Which achieved statehood first?
A) Iowa
B) Illinois
C) Wisconsin
D) Minnesota
3. Which of these items by Illinois inventors was patented first?
A) The zipper by Whitcomb L. Judson
B) The mechanical dishwasher by Josephine Cochrane
C) Barbed wire by Joseph Glidden
D) The cast steel plow by John Deere
4. Which of these notable homes first appeared on the Geneva Lake shoreline?
A) Black Point Estate built for German immigrant and Chicago beer magnate Conrad Seipp
B) Maxwell Mansion built for Dr. Phillip Maxwell
C) Edgewood Estate built for the heir of Chicago’s
prominent meatpacking company Swift & Co.
D) Stone Manor built for Chicago businessman Otto Young
5. Which of these Rockford structures came first?
A) Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall, 215-216 N. Main St.
B) Coronado Theatre, 314 N. Main St.
C) Tinker Swiss Cottage, 411 Kent St.
D) Peacock Brewery (Now Prairie Street Brewhouse),
200 Prairie St.
6. Which of these industries first drew settlers to Wisconsin?
A) Mining
B) Dairy
C) Wheat
D) Lumber
7. Which of these major events happened first?
A) Black Hawk War
B) Influenza pandemic of 1918
C) Construction of Camp Grant
D) First sack of mail arrives in Rockford from Chicago
8. Which landmark graced our region first?
A) Lorado Taft’s Eternal Indian in Oregon, Ill.
B) Veteran’s Memorial Arch in Dixon, Ill.
C) The courthouse on the square of Monroe, Wis.
D) The Riviera Ballroom in Lake Geneva, Wis.
9. Which form of transportation did the Old Northwest Territory see first?
A) Steamboat
B) Train
C) Flatboat
D) Stagecoach
10. Which of these accomplished women was born first?
A) Olympic figure skating champion Janet Lynn of Rockford
B) Actress Joan Allen of Rochelle, Ill.
C) Architect Jeanne Gang of Belvidere, Ill.
D) U.S. Army Major General Marcia Anderson of Beloit, Wis.

Quiz Answers

1. B. The Paleo-Indians lived here in about 10,000 BC. The others came long between 1000 and 1700 AD.
2. B. Illinois became a state in 1818, long before Iowa (1846), Wisconsin (1848) and Minnesota (1858).
3. D. John Deere’s plow was patented in 1837. Then came barbed wire (1874), the dishwasher (1885) and the zipper (1890).
4. B. The Maxwell Mansion was built in 1856; Black Point in 1887; Stone Manor in 1901; and Edgewood Estate in 1906.
5. C. Robert H. Tinker began construction on his Swiss-style cottage in 1865. Next came the Peacock Brewery (1899), Memorial Hall (1902) and Coronado Theatre (1927).
6. A. Lead mining drew the first settlers in about 1820; wheat became Wisconsin’s first major food crop by 1840 followed by dairy and lumber in the later 1800s.
7. A. The Black Hawk War took place in 1832; the first mail arrived in 1837; Camp Grant was built in 1917. The 1918 Spanish flu killed 50 million people worldwide.
8. D. The Monroe Courthouse was built in 1891; Eternal Indian in 1908; the Dixon Arch in 1919; Riviera Ballroom in 1932.
9. A. The flatboat dates back to the 1780s. Next came steamboats and stagecoaches (1830s), then the train (about 1850).
10. A. Janet Lynn, 1953; Joan Allen, 1956; Marcia Anderson, 1957; Jeanne Gang, 1964.