Northwest Quiz: Know Your Region

Can you match each item to the northern Illinois or southern Wisconsin county to which it belongs? Answers may be used more than once.

Answer Key:
A. Boone Co., Ill.
B. Carroll Co., Ill.
C. DeKalb Co., Ill.
D. Grant Co., Wis.
E. Green Co., Wis.
F. Iowa Co., Wis.
G. Jo Daviess Co., Ill.
H. Lafayette Co., Wis.
I. Ogle Co., Ill.
J. Rock Co., Wis.
K. Stephenson Co., Ill.
L. Walworth Co., Wis.
M. Winnebago Co., Ill.
N. Lee Co., Ill.
___1. The home of Ulysses S. Grant, president and Civil War general, is a national landmark in this county.
___2. This picturesque agricultural county is named after a French hero of the Revolutionary War.
___3. Supermodel Cindy Crawford grew up in this county and was “discovered” while detasseling corn at age 16.
___4. This lucky county is home to two beautiful state parks: Wyalusing and Nelson Dewey.
___5. This county is home to a truck-to-train cargo hub.
___6. This county boasts a rich heritage of Cornish miners who crossed the Atlantic to mine lead and zinc ore during the 1840s and 1850s.
___7. This county was home to the largest U.S. military camp in the Midwest during World War I.
___8. This county has the second-deepest natural lake in Wisconsin, at 135 feet.
___9. This county is the birthplace of (Laura) Jane Addams, who won the 1931 Nobel Peace Prize.
___10. A national landmark commemorates the home and workshop of John Deere.
___11. Home to the Historic Cheesemaking Center, this county’s seat throws a huge Cheese Days festival on even-numbered years.
___12. This county is home to one of the most prestigious private liberal arts colleges in the nation, most recently ranked 61st by U.S. News & World Report.
___13. This county is home of the Apple River Fort State Historic Site, an important landmark during the Black Hawk War in 1832.
___14. This county is home to Shullsburg Creamery, producer of 50 varieties of cheese.
___15. This county boasts more than 100 species of fish and is home to Mississippi Palisades State Park.
___16. Our 40th U.S. President spent most of his childhood in this county.
___17. This county is home to a “city of murals,” with 15 historic wall murals in downtown locations.
___18. This county gave birth to the internationally successful rock band Cheap Trick.
___19. This county is home to a prestigious international film festival.
___20. A famous 1858 debate between Abraham Lincoln and Stephen A. Douglas took place in this county.
___21. This county has enjoyed a large tourism business ever since the 1880s, in part because of its two dozen scenic lakes and large golf resorts.
___22. This county is considered to be “the birthplace of barbed wire.”
___23. This scenic county is home to the Boscobel Hotel, built in 1863, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is recognized as the birthplace of the Gideon Bible.
___24. This county is home to a Tudor-style castle built in 1929 by Walter Strong, publisher of the Chicago Daily News.
___25. This county was named after a famous Kentucky frontiersman.
___26. This county is home to a community known as “America’s Little Switzerland.”

Quiz Answers

1. G: Jo Daviess Co., Ill. (Galena)
2. H: Lafayette Co., Wis. (Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette)
3. C: DeKalb, Ill.
4. D: Grant Co., Wis.
5. I: Ogle Co., Ill. (Rochelle)
6. F: Iowa Co., Wis. (Mineral Point)
7. M: Winnebago Co., Ill. (Rockford)
8. L: Walworth Co., Wis. (Geneva Lake)
9. K: Stephenson Co., Ill. (Cedarville)
10. I: Ogle Co., Ill. (Grand Detour)
11. E: Green Co., Wis. (Monroe)
12. J: Rock Co., Wis. (Beloit College)
13. G: Jo Daviess Co., Ill. (Elizabeth)
14. H: Lafayette Co., Wis.
15. B: Carroll Co., Ill.
16. N: Lee Co., Ill. (Dixon)
17. A: Boone Co., Ill. (Belvidere)
18. M: Winnebago Co., Ill.
19. J: Rock Co., Wis. (Beloit International Film Festival)
20. K: Stephenson County, Ill. (Freeport)
21. L: Walworth Co., Wis.
22. C: DeKalb, Ill.
23. D: Grant Co., Wis. (Boscobel)
24. I: Ogle Co., Ill. (Oregon)
25. A: Boone Co., Ill. (Daniel Boone)
26. E: Green Co., Wis. (New Glarus)