2016 Guide to Commercial Lending Services

Growth is happening in our region. However you choose to join the new markets that are springing up around our region, you’re sure to need some help from committed lenders.

The secret is getting out: economic growth is happening in our region.
In downtown Rockford, small businesses are cropping up inside long-vacant storefronts. The new UW Health Sports Factory promises to draw out-of-towners for numerous sports tournaments. Young people are flocking to newly restored buildings and loft apartments in downtown and the nearby Midtown District. Further out, you’ll notice manufacturers like Woodward and the AAR airplane maintenance facility driving new business and jobs to town.
Upriver in Beloit, the signs are visible, too, with a new crop of software designers, an ever-more lively downtown and a growing cultural scene.
In the other corners of our region – Stephenson, Ogle, Lee and Boone counties – little gains are adding up.
You don’t have to be on the ground floor of these big projects to create your own economic opportunity. To the entrepreneurial eye, the people who are flocking to these new ventures are embracing all sorts of new markets – markets just waiting to be filled by new and growing small businesses.
Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur looking to reach new customers or a rookie eager to fill a niche, you’ll need a few partners to satisfy your goals. Starting or extending your business will inevitably require capital that’s essential for buying buildings and equipment.
Commercial lenders can help you to satisfy those capital needs and support you through thick and thin. This is, to be sure, a long-term relationship, and you don’t want to be stuck with any old lender. You need a partner who’s supportive and understands and appreciates your unique needs.
In our region, a ready supply of business-friendly local banks stands ready to fill that role. Inside this section, you’ll find a few of our region’s top picks and discover why they stand out from the crowd.

Alpine Bank, Commercial Lending

It’s your business, but we take it personally. That’s just how we work. And it pays off. In today’s business environment, you need every financial tool available – and expertise to apply them. You also need a partner who understands your business and your goals. A business banking professional at Alpine Bank can give you both. Whether you have one employee or hundreds, we have the know-how and products to navigate your financial path. But first, we invest the time to learn your business and your unique needs.
“Alpine Bank offers you experienced relationship managers who live and work where you do. We understand our local economy and business environment, and are committed to the success of our customers and our community.” ~Matt Roegner, EVP, Chief Lending Officer
Founded: 1908
Services: Commercial loans, cash management, merchant services, preferred SBA lender
Locations: Rockford: 1700 Alpine Road • Belvidere: 600 State St.

Associated Bank, Commercial Lending

It’s important to understand the distinction between working capital and growth capital – a skill that commercial bankers are uniquely qualified to handle. One of the basic tenets of commercial lending is to match the structure of your credit with its use. For example, a revolving line of credit is a common type of financing source to help businesses manage working capital. A company may use its revolving line of credit to bridge a gap between payments and receivables. Revolving lines are secured with collateral such as working capital assets. If your company is in growth mode and looking for financing, what’s needed is growth capital. If your historical cash flow doesn’t support your planned growth and you don’t have the collateral, there are certain structural solutions that a commercial banker can customize for your situation. It’s important to work with a commercial banker to be sure that your current and upcoming credit needs are identified so you can have the proper credit structures in place for your business.
Founded: 1861 • Size of Loan Portfolio: $18 billion
Areas of Expertise: Manufacturing, distribution, service companies, owner-occupied real estate, investment real estate
Locations: Main Office: 612 N. Main St., Rockford
Rockford: 4400 Center Terrace • 3134A 11th St. • 3333 N. Rockton Ave. • 1870 N. Perryville Road Beloit: 602 Henry Ave. • Machesney Park: 622 Roosevelt Road

Byron Bank, Commercial Lending

A Bank For Your Business: Because Byron Bank is a small business, we understand the dreams, needs and financial products of the small-business owner. Over the past 35 years, Byron Bank has developed commercial banking loan and deposit products that are tailored for the small to medium sole proprietorship or corporation. We have experienced lenders who can help you through the complicated process of developing your business model, securing a loan, opening deposit products, securing employee benefit services or expanding your business or farm. Loans are quickly approved at Byron Bank, so there’s no need to wait for word from the home office.
Commercial Services
Terms available up to 25 years
Rental and investment properties
Medical professionals
SBA Lending
Lines & Letters of Credit
And “your type of business”
Agricultual Services
Farm Real Estate
Lines of Credit
Founded: 1932 • Employees: 70 • Total Bank Assets: $227 million
Locations: Byron: 200 N. Walnut St. • 201 W. Blackhawk Dr.
Davis Junction: 5653 N. Junction Way • Poplar Grove: 11159 IL Hwy. 76