Transform Rockford Update: Change Through Group Action

As the nonprofit Transform Rockford continues to pursue positive improvements across our region, teamwork has become an essential component.

Transform Rockford is a nonprofit organization that exists to drive dramatic long-term social and economic improvements to our region. This movement toward self-improvement is built on a great foundation, now in place, which consists of:

  • a broadly engaged community supporting change
  • a compelling vision (to be a Top 25 community by 2025)
  • a set of widely accepted shared values to guide our actions
  • a rigorous strategic planning and implementation process.

Currently, Transform Rockford has 14 issue-focused teams that are performing the important work of strategy development. These teams are comprised of more than 200 individuals from around the region. They are following a proven process that has already delivered dramatic improvement in many organizations and businesses throughout the Rockford region.
Through their work, Transform Rockford’s issue-focused teams are:

  • activating our community’s networks
  • reviewing plans and goals of existing organizations and initiatives
  • identifying our region’s strengths and opportunities
  • researching best practices and root causes from studies and initiatives around the country
  • engaging our community in strategy development.

Watch for the teams to maintain a dialogue with the community in coming months, generating ideas, doing research, drafting strategies and taking feedback. This will not be easy, but it should be very rewarding. The work itself will build unity, strength and leadership. We will discover much about ourselves and our community. And through the good work of many individuals, this region and its residents will realize their full potential.
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