Warm & Weathered Winter Fashion

Good style doesn’t have to hid under a giant winter coat. Learn a few style tips and discover some of the latest trends in this season’s fashion guide.

Staying warm this season doesn’t mean hiding under a giant coat. Flaunt those curves by sticking with slimming features and muted colors.
Everything this season is about leather, whether in your jacket, or covering your legs. Nothing says “slimming” like a pair of leatherette skinny jeans, smooth and sleek, and oh-so-curvy.
Other wardrobe staples this season are denim skinny jeans and tights (yes, jeggings count, too). Elongating and stretchy, they pair perfectly with a knee-high boot.
It’s time to forget about that mass-produced stuff. Been there, done that. From jewelry to handbags and shoes, the hottest looks are handcrafted by small-batch artisans, many of whom share your passion for locally made items. Their products are modern and sophisticated, and totally unique.
Complete your look with some simple layering. A scarf here, a necklace or bracelet there. A jacket, a vest, or even a blazer (sophisticated and casual). Add some accessories, and you have a complete look for this winter season.
Happy “buy local” styling, fashionistas!

The Sophisticate

A touch of class begins with this boyfriend blazer by Joe’s Jeans. Matched with leatherette-coated skinny jeans, leather booties by J Shoes and leather handbag. Layered with chain necklaces and tie-dye scarf. Available at She She of Rockford, 2211 E. State St., Rockford.

The Biker Babe

A little bit punk, a little bit retro, this pleather vest has an attached chiffon skirt. Matched with a chain collar necklace. Available at Porch, 3065 N. Perryville Road, Rockford.

The Leatherette

Stay warm and stylish, with this jacket-dress combo. Leather Moto jacket by Heather, matched with a silk top by Drew and beaded skirt by Chan Luu. Accessorized with beaded clutch by Yosi Samra and necklaces by Chan Luu. Available at bjones, at Edgebrook, 1655 N. Alpine Road, Rockford.

The Sparkle-ista

That’s not an icicle reflecting the light – it’s a sequined and faux leather-trimmed cardigan by EB Designs. Matched with black tank, black velvet leggings by Luscious Velvet of Montreal, and leather heels by Poetic Licence. Accessorized with pearl necklace, brass beaded necklace and shiny beads, all by Touch of Ritz. Available at Roxy Carmichael, 310 N. Alpine Road, Rockford.