Vintage Summer Fashion

Take a step back in time with this year’s hot fall styles. Discover a few outfits and ideas to truly capture the vintage flair.

Warm weather is slipping away, which means autumn fashions are making an entrance. A visit to our local boutiques reveals that a polished vintage look is this season’s big trend.
What’s great about this vintage look is that inspiration for an outfit can come from so many different places, and taking risks is encouraged. Channel the 1920s by rocking a beaded dress or adding a feathered headband. Dust off that family heirloom broach hidden in your dresser and fasten it to a clutch or belt. And don’t forget about the essential wardrobe piece for any outfit: a long scarf.
Other must-haves include rose gold jewelry, brass-studded satchels, fedora caps and a natural earth-tone color palette, accented with bright statement pieces.
While the vintage look lends itself to being very mix-and-match friendly, be conscious of your overall look and make sure it has the right balance.
The following outfits, assembled by our local fashion boutiques, exemplify vintage flair effectively combined with stylish elegance.
Remember, locally owned shops are the best place to go for expert ideas and advice. Have fun!

Studded Satchel

A Monoreno dress is paired with a brass-studded satchel by remi & reid, for an effortless on-the-go outfit. Layer accessories like this Pom Pom scarf and aged brass chain with a turquoise pendant by Ornamental Things, for a polished vintage look. Outfit designers: Karen Elyea, owner of Plush Gift Gallery, and Sandi Kohn, owner of Minglewood, both located at 510 E. State St., Rockford.

Rose gold accents

A chiffon floral dress, embroidered with beads by Chan Luu, is the perfect choice for those warm end-of-season days. This dress was paired with a printed scarf and a rose gold nugget necklace. Rose gold is the hot trend in jewelry right now, giving any outfit a classy touch. Outfit designer: Brandi Jones, owner of bjones, 1655 N. Alpine Road, Rockford.

Bold statement

A printed a’reve dress with a lace collar is interesting enough to be worn by itself, but to spice it up further, a bright red Atelier Avanzar clutch becomes the focal point. When the weather gets cooler, pair a dress like this with dark brown leggings and Mary Jane heels. Outfit designers: Kat Mitchell and Debbie Aiello, owners of Roxy Carmichael, 310 N. Alpine Road, Rockford.

Delicate layers

An embroidered dress by a’reve is paired with a bright-green studded scarf with accent flower. Layering light, lacy fabrics makes for a dynamic outfit that allows you to mix and match pieces of your wardrobe. Don’t be afraid to mix natural earth tones with bright accents like this. Outfit designers: Kat Mitchell and Debbie Aiello, owners of Roxy Carmichael, 310 N. Alpine Road, Rockford.