NWQ Summer Beauty

Now is the time for a Northwest Woman to shine. Summer is finally here and this year’s beauty and hair fashions are full of fun and style. Here’s what two local experts suggest for summer fun.

Now is the time for a Northwest Woman to shine. Summer is finally here and this year’s beauty and hair fashions are full of fun and style.
Keeping up with the latest trends isn’t always easy, so I’ve turned to my friends at Arch Apothecary beauty boutique and Totally You hair salon to see what’s hot this summer in hair, makeup, skincare and nails.
To get the scoop, I talked to Totally You salon coordinator Tammy Barker and Arch Apothecary aesthetician Liz Penticoff about this summer’s beauty must-haves. From water-proofing mascara to sunkissed moisterizers, these ladies stock everything that’s required for summertime beauty care.
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Totally You
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If you’re looking for a manicure that will last a few weeks but is easy on your nails, try a CND Shellac no-chip manicure this summer. No-chip manicures last twice as long as regular ones and there’s no dry time, so you’ll get that mirror-finish look you love, in seconds. Totally You offers no-chip manicures for $25-30.


Whether it’s a day at the beach or a picnic in the park, don’t forget to stay protected from the sun. Try a tinted moisturizer for SPF protection and light coverage that acts like a base makeup. Arch Apothecary carries the By Terry line, which has a few options for tinted moisturizers. If you’re looking for the perfect tan without frying your skin, try Hampton Sun’s sunless tanning gel for a warm glow.
Tip: Don’t forget to apply lip balm with SPF before heading out in the sun!


Waterproof mascara will surely help avoid embarrassing raccoon eyes at the pool, but you don’t have to switch out mascaras completely. By Terry’s lash coating mascara goes over your favorite mascara so it won’t run in the water. For a low-maintenance look this summer, consider tinting your brows and lashes, to give them a darker hue for up to four weeks. Arch Apothecary offers tinting for $15-20.
Tip: Use face wash before you go to bed to keep your pores unclogged.


Fight frizz this summer by using the NZ3 “three-way nozzle” hair dryer extension, created by Rockford’s own Adrian Vasquez, owner and CEO of Totally You. The NZ3 allows the air to be redirected to achieve a straight, frizz-free look. If you want wavy beach hair that looks effortless, try Oribe Aprés Beach Wave and Shine Spray. Spritz on towel-dried hair in the morning, throw it up in a bun, and by the end of the day you should have big, beachy waves.


The last thing you want this summer is to have unsightly facial hair spotlighted by the sun. Waxing lasts longer than shaving and leaves your face smooth. Arch Apothecary offers waxing services for your brow, lip, chin and sides with packages ranging from $10-35.
Tip: If your skin is dry or sunburnt this summer, don’t forget to apply a moisturizer after waxing appointments to avoid redness or irritation.
Tip: Next time, give mint green a try. It’s the “it” color this summer.