Winter Fashion: Fun, Fierce & Fabulous

Go fierce, fashionable and fantastic this winter, as you stay warm against the cold Midwestern winter. Learn what’s popular this winter, and step inside our fashion shoot inside Edgebrook, in Rockford.

Snow, sleet and ice: Three elements of a Midwest Winter. Let’s try three new elements this season: fun, fierce and fabulous fashion trends that not only make you look hot, but also keep you warm and comfortable.
Let’s start with fun. With so many parties, it’s easy to end up wearing the same outfit to every event, but this season’s fashions make it easy to break some boundaries. Think great skirts, tunics and dresses. For a night out with the girls, try a bubble skirt or patterned overlay skirt paired with tights. To balance the pattern, add a top with a plain boatneck or round collar. When accessorizing, add a shiny pair of earrings and bangle bracelets. You want the skirt to be your focal point, so don’t overdo things by wearing too many accessories or a flashy top. Tights are a stylish way to keep warm, and they come in a variety of patterns. And don’t be afraid to break out your summer skirts for some winter fun. Adding tights, blazers and sweaters gives skirts a whole new look.
Don’t be afraid to be fierce. Sweater dresses are essential for this winter season. They’re versatile and inexpensive, so you can buy a few to expand your wardrobe, and still not break the bank. It’s a good bet to start with black and then expand to different colors. Obvious choices are white and grey, but remember to be fierce, and go bold, with green or red. You can’t go wrong wearing your sweater dress with leggings or tights. If the dress is shorter, stick with leggings, since they’re thicker and more pant-like. Add high-heel boots or suede pumps to dress up this look. To keep it casual, wear a comfy pair of boots or flats. Tunics are great, too, because they’re so comfortable. They’re basically just long shirts, but when you’re trucking through 2 feet of snow, on your way to school, work or lunch with the girls, they can be lifesavers. For a daytime look, go with a long white tunic, large jewelry, a long, open-front sweater and some boots. For a night out, go fierce, with a sheer tunic over a matching tank, black leggings and slouchy high-heeled boots.
To bring out your fabulous side, think dresses, dresses, dresses. Don’t let the winter layers keep you hidden. Accentuate your body type with a perfect dress. Don’t be afraid to grab the same dress in six different colors, or try a style you would never normally wear. Be flirty and fabulous with a lace dress. If you don’t feel comfortable donning a full lace mini, opt for one that has a simple lace top or lace cutouts. Put a short cardigan or bolero jacket over the top to tone it down. Wearing your hair in a slick pony with dangling earrings is a simple way to accentuate your neckline. Another trend that accentuates your femininity is the one-shoulder dress. One-shoulder cuts can be sequined or ruffled for extra flare. A plain black dress with a sequined shoulder is perfect for any shape or size, and it can be worn in numerous settings, just by changing shoes or adding leggings or tights. The one-shoulder cut draws attention to your face, so for a nighttime look, try dramatic makeup and minimal jewelry. For a more casual event, go with a long-sleeved, one-shoulder jewel tone dress with tights and closed-toe pumps. Go with a loose, wavy hairstyle and add a statement necklace, to complete the look.
As always, there’s a woman’s go-to staple, the little black dress (LBD). This season’s LBDs have been revamped with ruffles, cutouts and, most favorable to a woman’s figure, ruching. Ruching shows off all the right places, and gathers to hide all the wrong places. If you chose a plain dress, add a lacy cardigan or bold heels in red or gold for some extra flair. Fabulous winter dress colors are purple, green, red and blue. Experiment.
Sequins add sparkle to this winter’s fashions. Sequined sweaters and cardigans go great with black skinny jeans and pumps, and they’re great for the office as well. Pairing a sweater with black trousers adds some spice to your everyday office attire. Sequined skirts can be flirty and fun. Try a sequined skirt, a plain v-neck blouse and black tights. If the skirt doesn’t have a waistband, a plain belt (with a clasp instead of buckle) accentuates your curves. Look for a dress with a light sequin stripe pattern. Having too much on a dress can overpower your figure and be unflattering. If you’re curvy, accentuate it, with a skirt and blouse, and wear heels, to make your legs look longer. If you’re taller, a sheath dress with sequined neckline or sequin accents will highlight your figure in all the right ways, while bringing an extra touch of delicacy to your frame.
A few things to avoid: furry or fringed boots; mismatched prints; boring black and white; pleats; and anything that’s too baggy or too tight. A trip to the tailor for alterations can breathe new life into an old garment and create a new ensemble.
Dress in clothes that make you feel confident and chic, and this winter, let your fashion be fun, fierce and fabulous! ❚