Northwest Quiz: No Place Like Home

Can you match the description on the left to the correct counties below? No peeking! Answers are posted way below.

1. Home of UW-Platteville
2. Black Hawk Statue is here
3. Home of WNIJ Public Radio
4. Cornish miners built limestone structures here
5. Mississippi Palisades State Park is here
6. The Swiss like this county
7. The new Nicholas Conservatory & Gardens is here
8. Galena ore, or lead, was once mined in this county
9. Home to the Beloit International Film Festival
10. Lovely Krape Park is here
11. This county has one stoplight and lots of dairy cows
12. This small county is named for a famous pioneer
13. A resort area here was known as the “Newport of the West”
Illinois Counties
A. DeKalb
B. Boone
C. Winnebago
D. Stephenson
E. Carroll
F. Ogle
G. Jo Daviess
Wisconsin Counties
H. Walworth
I. Green
J. Grant
K. Iowa
L. Lafayette
M. Rock

Quiz Answers – No Peeking!

1. J. Grant County, Wis.
2. F. Ogle County., Wis.
3. A. DeKalb County., Ill.
4. K. Iowa County., Wis.
5. E. Carroll County., Ill.
6. I. Green County., Wis.
7. C. Winnebago County., Ill.
8. G. Jo Daviess County., Ill.
9. M. Rock County., Wis.
10. D. Stephenson County., Ill.
11. L. Lafayette County, Wis.
12. B. Boone County, Ill.
13. H. Walworth County, Wis. ❚