Dr. Yonghua "Michael" Zhang

Meet Dr. Yonghua “Michael” Zhang, Neurologist

Dr. Yonghua "Michael" Zhang

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Yonghua “Michael” Zhang, MD, wasn’t always sure what kind of doctor he would be, but he always knew he would practice medicine.
“My mother was a physician,” Zhang says. “I saw how hard she worked, but also how much she helped her patients.”
Zhang is now a neurologist at the Illinois Neurological Institute at OSF Saint Anthony Medical Center, having recently completed his residency at State University of New York at Buffalo. His training prior to that included academic neurosurgery and a stroke fellowship. His interest in the nervous system and his stroke research keep him striving to find the best practices for his patients.
In addition to a general neurology practice, Zhang performs the following procedures:

    • Botox injections, for headaches and muscle spasms in stroke patients.
    • Nerve conduction studies and electromyography to help understand nerve and muscular function.
    • Electroencephalography interpretation used to understand seizure and epileptic patient brain function.
    • Visual evoked potential interpretation used in collaboration with spine surgery to maintain and monitor nerve function.
    • Transcranial Doppler interpretation to interpret blood vessel flow in the brain.

      Neurology is a very complex medical specialty, but Dr. Zhang has a wonderful way of relating to his patients and helping them to understand their health concerns. He says he consistently relies on his faith to help him pass his knowledge along to patients.
      Zhang is one member of a team of experts at Illinois Neurological Institute, 535 Roxbury Road in Rockford, Ill., adjacent to the OSF Saint Anthony Medical Center campus. For more information or to make an appointment with Dr. Zhang, call (815) 387-1717.

      Dr. Yonghua “Michael” Zhang
      Illinois Neurological Institute
      535 Roxbury Road, Rockford, Ill.
      (815) 387-1717