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Dr. Mark Barba

This is an exciting time to practice hip medicine. Over the past five years, I have witnessed many changes that have improved our ability to reach an accurate diagnosis and offer a variety of safe treatment options. Advances in medical imaging, as well as the discovery of previously unknown pain generators in the hip, have improved our ability to identify previously undiscovered problems.
Many patients initially seek medical treatment due to pain. For example, pain experienced in the groin, or groin pain with or without a catch, when rising from a chair, may indicate a hip problem. Even pain experienced on the side, sometimes known as trochanteric bursitis, may be repaired surgically if it is unresponsive to therapy or injections.
The most important aspect of this care is reaching an accurate initial diagnosis. Since other problems can masquerade as hip pain, a thorough medical history and exam are needed. This is followed by appropriate imaging, in many cases, to identify the source of the problem. As a result, it may be revealed that the discomfort originates from another source. For example, I often refer patients who feel they have hip problems to spine surgeons and vice versa.
The advances in implant technology have also improved the predictability of the hip replacement. Materials such as metal-on-metal hips and ceramic implants can be used and may offer many more years of service than previous generations of the polyethylene, plastic-based hips. However, even polyethylene hips have been improved and now may last 20 or more years.
Now more than ever, there is no reason to live with hip pain. Technology offers more accurate diagnosis, improved implants and more treatment options. For a consultation appointment, call (815) 398-9491.
Dr. Mark Barba
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