Meet Dr. Kelly McGregory, Pediatrician

Dr. Kelly McGregory

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Meet Dr. Kelly McGregory, NorthPointe Clinic’s first full-time pediatrician. With years of experience in Rockford, she is now taking care of young patients at the beautiful Roscoe health campus. Dr. McGregory is board certified, has lived and practiced in the stateline area since 2003, and believes she has the best job in the world.
“I chose pediatrics because I believe it to be the best part of medicine,” she says, with her natural smile and enthusiasm. “I enjoy the kids and the parents, too. I try to empower them, so they understand their own children and are comfortable in their roles as a parents. Happy and healthy kids are the best reward.
“Parents are usually observant about their children’s health and know when they need a doctor’s help – a high fever or change in behavior is a reason to call your doctor,” she adds. Dr. McGregory personally understands this responsibility, as a busy mom with two young boys.
Dr. McGregory offers the following information about the increase in childhood obesity.
Do I need to worry about my child’s weight?
Many parents are concerned with the epidemic of childhood obesity, and rightfully so. It has tripled in the past 30 years, with almost one out of five children ages 6 to 11 now obese. With this weight gain comes an increase in risk factors for cardiac disease, high blood pressure, social problems and diabetes. Even at the age of 3 or 4, you may see patterns developing.
Why the increase?
There are many reasons. More children are getting their food away from home; there’s a decline in breakfast consumption and an increase in portion sizes; and poor eating habits are rising while activity levels are decreasing.
As a parent, what can I do?
Dr. McGregory suggests getting the whole family involved in a healthier lifestyle. Don’t single out a child. “Better health starts at the grocery store. You need to make better food choices and let your children help you to do this. Also, plan some activity into each day. Walking or playing outdoors is wonderful, but even a walk at the mall can be a substitute exercise.
Busy parents need convenience. A full-time pediatrician close by at NorthPointe makes life easier.
NorthPointe Clinic is located near the corner of Willowbrook and Rockton roads.
Dr. Kelly McGregory
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