Northwest Quiz: Cheese Proud

Wisconsin is “cheese proud” for good reason: it produces 2.5 billion pounds of cheese each year in 600 varieties. See how much you know about this Wisconsin favorite.

Country Church/City Church

Organized religion played a major role in the settling of our region and continues to influence its culture.
We enjoy highlighting places of worship, one in the country and one in the city, in each issue.

A Weekend in Wilmot

Close to home, but just far enough to feel like you’re getting away, the little Wisconsin hamlet of Wilmot has all the trappings of a quaint winter retreat. Discover the best family attractions, dining destinations and overnight lodging here.

Nooks & Crannies, Autumn/Holiday Edition

Check out these unusual and inventive stores around our area.

Genuine Northwest, Autumn/Holiday Edition

Check out these unique destinations that reflect the genuine character of our region.

Local Suffragists and the 19th Amendment

As Illinois and Wisconsin raced to be the first states that enshrined women’s voting rights in the Constitution, a wider movement was also being led by women in our region. Learn how their work impacted life as we know it today.

Northwest Quiz: Illinois or Wisconsin?

This may be “flyover country,” but our region has led the nation through many important milestones, both in social movements and product innovations. See if you can figure out which state each occasion took place, marking I for Illinois, or W for Wisconsin.

8 Unexpected Midwest Vacation Destinations

Forget Disney World and your family’s traditional summertime escape. We’ve found eight Midwestern locations that, even if they seem a little familiar, still hold plenty of surprises for those willing to accept the journey

Success Stories: The Bramble Patch

This New Glarus retailer boasts the largest collection of Polish pottery in Wisconsin, but that’s not all that makes it unique. Meet the mother-daughter team behind this unique business and find out how a sweet condiment got it all started.

9 Defining Golf Adventures

The golf course is a place you’ll find respite – though you’re sure to have an adventure, too. Discover the gorgeous scenery and dastardly obstacles awaiting at these nine courses.