How YMCA Helps to Strengthen Communities

The YMCA may be best known for its gym equipment and exercise facilities, but that’s just the beginning of this community-building organization. Discover how the Y continues to impact the region, through its core mission.

Transform Rockford: Boosting College Attainment

What’s a community to do when its level of college attainment is low, but the local economy demands an education? Meet a group that’s seeking to transform the region through this promising scholarship.

Transform Rockford: Transformational Change Begins with Civility

Good examples of civility, and the lack thereof, are all around us. Meet a group of Rockford leaders who believe a more civil community is one on the path toward positive change.

Transform Rockford: Setting the Stage for Change

It’s time to move from talk into action. See how the Transform Rockford movement is stepping into a new phase and empowering local organizations to ignite transformative change.

Transform Rockford: Smart Processes Generate Action Plans

As this nonprofit group continues developing its strategic plan for Rockford’s self-improvement, it’s doing so with a careful eye on process and method. See how this thinking helps to achieve action in the corporate world.

Transform Rockford: Health is More Than Diet and Exercise

Rockford has a health problem, but it’s not in the way you think. Discover how a team on the nonprofit Transform Rockford is leading a turnaround in some of this region’s key metrics.

Transform Rockford: Searching for a Cultural Plan Mandate

It’s no secret that Rockford has a wealth of quality arts and recreation assets, but it may surprise you how they can play an important role in remaking our region.

Transform Rockford: Why Neighborhoods, Families Matter

In its efforts to strategically reinvent Rockford and ensure its future, this nonprofit group is learning there’s an important dynamic that’s missing from our region today. Learn how community is the building block of something big.

RACVB Welcomes a New Rockford

The Rockford that John Groh knew when he grew up is a very different place today, thanks in part to efforts made by the Rockford Area Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Rockford’s Midtown Rising

The Midtown District of Rockford is experiencing a rebirth as developers rescue its lovely old buildings from years of disrepair. Paul Anthony Arco leads a tour of this neighborhood where a new community is thriving.