Midway Village: Welcoming Spring, Sock Monkey Style

Midway Village Museum has plenty of fun and educational events happening this spring, well beyond a festival that celebrates the humble sock monkey. Find out what’s coming up this busy season.

World War I: A Forgotten American Legacy

Though it pushed the United States onto the world stage, World War I also left unresolved numerous ethnic, religious and geo-political conflicts still facing us today. A century later, Jon McGinty examines its legacy in our region.

Smart Living Weekly – March 30, 2016

  The Great War at Midway Village Museum Right in Our Region: Midway Village Museum will present “The Great War: World War I” on April 9 and 10, the largest…
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Smart Living Weekly – April 2, 2014

  The Great War: WWI at Midway Village Right in Our Region: One hundred years ago, in 1914, a terrible war ignited that was unlike any before it. Originally called…
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