Janine’s Journal: Robots Are Coming to a Job Near You

Technology keeps advancing and the repercussions are interesting to reflect upon. Join Janine Pumilia, our managing editor, as she considers various thoughts on this topic.

Embracing the 21st Century at Practice Velocity

Dancing in the office, wearing costumes to work, and a flat organizational structure? What is this, Google? No, these are part of the unique workplace culture at one of the Rockford area’s biggest software design firms.

Understanding Mobile Wallet Technology

Have your banking habits gone fully mobile? Geoff Roemerman, of Associated Bank’s Rockford Community Market, explains the need-to-knows of mobile wallet technology.

Why It’s Impossible To Ignore TED Talks

They’re inspiring, informational — and they’re impacting how others judge your next presentation. Learn from writer, speaker and communication coach Carmine Gallo how you can talk like TED.

Spider Company’s Growing Role in Aerospace

Manufacturing has changed quite a bit, but it still provides nearly a fifth of our local jobs. Step inside this Rockford aerospace manufacturer that embraces both old-school production and new-school technology.

Paul Burkholder Captures the ‘It Moment’

Dr. Paul Burkholder mixes old-school photography techniques with the latest digital technology. Meet this retired Rockford physician whose keen eye for our world in action is reflected in his thought-provoking images.

The Efficient Office: What’s New in Technology?

Not famililar with FollowMe printing or Unified Communications? When was the last time you double-checked your protections from cybercriminals? Find out what the experts are doing to make today’s offices safer and more efficient.

Kitchens by Diane

6346 E. Riverside Blvd., Loves Park, Ill.
(815) 633-7227

Smart Technology: Kitchens That Know More than We Do

Kitchens and the equipment inside them are stepping into the 21st century with energy-saving appliances and new features aplenty.

‘Counter’ Culture: Installation Goes High-Tech

Kitchen appliance technology isn’t all that’s changing these days. Learn how the tools to make high-quality countertops are also getting a digital makeover.