The Stockholm Inn: A Rockford Classic with Scandinavian Soul

Discover how this longtime Rockford favorite honors the region’s Scandinavian ancestors, and why its traditions continue to endure.

Erlander Home Museum

404 S. 3rd Street Rockford, IL 61104 815-963-5559

Why ‘Swedishness’ Still Matters to Rockford

As the Swedish Historical Society of Rockford celebrates its 75th anniversary, it looks to the future as well as the past. But what does ‘Swedishness’ really mean, and how is it still influencing Rockford today?

P.A. Peterson: ‘Rockford’s Greatest Citizen’

At the dawn of the 20th century, Rockford was a booming town, driven by many Swedish immigrants, including PA Peterson. Jon McGinty explores the history of Rockford’s greatest philanthropist, whose influence is still felt today.

Midway Village Unveils Tribute to Rockford Immigrants

Six years in the making, ‘Many Faces, One Nation,’ places visitors in the shoes of immigrants who have helped to build Rockford. Learn how the exhibit came about, and what startling facts its curators uncovered.

SwedishAmerican Hospital Celebrates a Century of People Helping People

What started with a dollar and a commitment to serving the Rockford community has evolved into a modern, innovative institution. Discover how this health system is reflecting on a century of service.

Johnny Pamcakes

Swedish pancakes a specialty
3700 E. State St., Rockford, Ill.
(815) 229-7415
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Stockholm Inn

Casual/Swedish-American. Authentic Swedish fare. Swedish Pancakes a specialty
2420 Charles St., Rockford, Ill.
(815) 397-3534
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
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Johnny Pamcakes

3700 E. State St., Rockford, Ill.
(815) 229-7415