Rockford’s Downtown Renaissance

Have you tried to find a parking space in downtown Rockford lately? It’s a bustling scene filled with people who not only work there but also eat, sleep and play in the city’s center. Tour the latest developments and see what’s next.

Certified Products Corp. / The Venue

36 S. Main St. Janesville, Wisconsin 608-373-9727

PK Diner: Paul Sletten Opens a Third Restaurant

The owner of downtown favorites Abreo and Social this summer reveals his newest creation, a modern take on the classic American diner. Find out what awaits.


2570 N. Westbranch Rd., Polo, IL (815) 238-1474

University Club: A ‘Hidden Gem’ Celebrates 100 Years

Discover a cozy, classy setting where local business leaders meet to network, fellowship and relax. Learn about this unique club’s fascinating history.

Social Urban Bar & Restaurant

509 E. State St., Rockford, Ill.
(815) 708-0877
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Social Urban Bar & Restaurant

Local farm to table menu, premium spirit and absinthe bar
509 E. State St., Rockford, Ill.
(815) 708-0877

Local Foods, Classy Drinks From a Favorite Chef at Social

Restaurant Profile: Meet a familiar local chef whose new venture in downtown Rockford, Ill., is all about local foods and unique drinks.