Northwest Quiz: All About Apples

This favorite fruit arrived with our immigrant ancestors and grows in all 50 states. But how much do you know about it? Test your knowledge here.

Northwest Quiz: Holiday Movies

Sure, the presents and feasting are grand, but who doesn’t love the Christmas movies that lead up to the big day? Test your knowledge about some best-loved holiday films.

Northwest Quiz: Know Your Region

Can you match each item to the northern Illinois or southern Wisconsin county to which it belongs?

Northwest Quiz: Back to School

With the school year in full swing, students are busy studying for class and applying to colleges. See how much you know about education in our region.

Northwest Quiz: All About Illinois

How much do you know about The Prairie State and its proud people? Take our quiz and find out.

Northwest Quiz: Winter Critters

Many animals hibernate during cold Illinois winters, but you can still find some out and about in our region. See if you can figure out which animal matches up to each of the following facts.

Northwest Quiz: Name That State Park

We, the people, own 16 gorgeous parks right here in our NWQ coverage area. Isn’t it time we explored them? Test your knowledge inside.

Northwest Quiz: Name That Houseplant

When everything’s white and brown outside, a little greenery inside is a welcomed addition. Test your knowledge of these common houseplants.

Northwest Quiz: Illinois and the Civil War

Illinois played a major role in helping to ensure a Union victory during the Civil War. Test your knowledge of our region’s Civil War connections.

Northwest Quiz, Spring-Summer Edition

Many wildflowers native to Illinois are just poking their heads up from a winter’s slumber. See if you can identify some of them.