Meet Some Beautiful New Plants

Step inside the greenhouses of K&W Greenery, in Janesville, and explore the many new plant varieties sprouting up this season. Who knows? Maybe you’ll add a few to your garden this summer.

Smart Living Weekly – April 30, 2014

  Time to Plant! Right in Our Region: After such a brutal winter, we’re eager to dig dirt and plant! Smart Living Weekly urges shoppers to buy plants from locally…
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Grow Your Own Fresh Air with Houseplants

Sure, they brighten up a room and add some color on these white-and-brown winter days, but did you know that houseplants can also help us to keep a clean, healthy environment? Discover a few popular houseplants that have a good effect on your home.

15 Plants Worth Knowing & Growing

It’s finally time to make our gardens look beautiful and colorful. NWQ’s nursery experts suggest some of this year’s delightful new plants and some time-tested favorites that will keep your gardens looking lush all season.

Who Says We Can’t Garden During Wintertime?

Break the winter blands with a little greenery indoors. Learn about the most popular options for indoor gardening, and discover some special arts that combine creativity and gardening.

The Rock River: From Ruin to Recovery

Human impact has forever changed the quality of this great river, and it will never again regain its sparkling clarity or many native species now extinct. Nearly 40 years after the Clean Water Act, things are looking better.