Smart Living Weekly – August 5, 2015

  Spencer Tracy Film Festival Right in Our Region: Between 1930 and 1967, movie star Spencer Tracy appeared in 75 films, stacking up nine Academy Award nominations and winning the…
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BIFF: A Decade of Presenting the Power of Film

What started out as a simple attraction to the Beloit area has evolved into an international draw for film buffs everywhere. Learn what’s in store for this year’s festival and how you can join the excitement.

Spencer Tracy and the Freeport Connection

This famous actor shares a special family connection with our region, one that’s celebrated every year with a unique film festival.

Movies Al Fresco: A Uniquely American Experience

The drive-in theater was once the place to be, for good reason. Step back in time to explore the history of this very American tradition. Meet some creative drive-in owners who are bucking the odds to keep this experience alive.

Composers for Oscar-Winning Film Launch Local Studio

Following their soundtrack for ‘Undefeated,’ two local musicians are bringing a taste of Hollywood to their hometown. Learn about the new film that’s drawing lots of attention.

Two Thumbs Up at Lindo Theatre in Freeport

Explore Freeport’s beautifully-restored Lindo Theatre, and meet the family behind Classic Cinemas, a company that revels in transforming vintage theaters into viable downtown assets.