Genuine Northwest, Summer-Fall Edition

Check out these unique destinations that reflect the genuine character of our region.

Smart Living Weekly – July 9, 2014

  Oregon Trail Days Celebrates Success Right in Our Region: On July 19-20, sharpshooters, whip-crackers, American Indians, mountain men, voyageurs and other pioneer characters will inhabit Lowden State Park in…
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Going With the Flow: Fishing, Boating and Playing on the Rock River

For generations, the Rock River has provided much to those who settled along its banks. Not only is it a place for commerce, but it’s ideal for recreation. Discover the many opportunities for boating, skiing, fishing and more.

100 Years Later, Lorado Taft’s ‘Black Hawk’ Still Stands Sentry

Whether you call it ‘Black Hawk’ or ‘The Eternal Indian,’ Taft’s concrete giant reminds us not only of our heritage, but of the artist whose influence is still felt throughout our region.