Smart Living Weekly – April 10, 2019

  Kids Spot: Keeping Kids Active is Good Right in Our Region: Kids Spot, 9461 N. 2nd St., in Roscoe, has been growing by leaps and bounds, while doing cartwheels,…
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Rosie’s Birthday Club: A Nonprofit That Knows How to Party

Rosie’s Birthday Club is a nonprofit that organizes birthday parties for children in poverty. See for yourself how much joy this organization brings.

Smart Living Weekly – November 6, 2013

    In This Week’s Issue: Right in Our Region: This year marks Rockford Art Museum’s (RAM) 100th year, and the only birthday gift it wants is for you to…
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How Kids’ Bad Habits Lead to Adult Health Crises

Those little habits you learn as a kid could come back to bite you as an adult. Learn from these experts why it’s so important to teach kids healthy habits, before they become a statistic.

Meet Dr. Kelly McGregory, Pediatrician

Meet Dr. Kelly McGregory, Pediatrician at NorthPointe Clinic, in Roscoe, Ill.
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