Janine’s Journal: Of Milestones and Moments

Sometimes, milestones happen and other times we make them happen. Now comes a difficult, yet happy milestone for managing editor Janine Pumilia.

Janine’s Journal: Robots Are Coming to a Job Near You

Technology keeps advancing and the repercussions are interesting to reflect upon. Join Janine Pumilia, our managing editor, as she considers various thoughts on this topic.

Janine’s Journal: Millennials & Milestones

It’s been a big year for NWQ’s editorial team! Read about the writers and graphic artists who work at our relentlessly positive publication.

Janine’s Journal: ‘For to See Good Put in Action …’

Janine Pumilia remembers her sister, Linda, and the good she did during her life.

Janine’s Journal: Hamilton!

History has its eyes on our managing editor, Janine Pumilia, as she travels to New York to see Broadway’s “Hamilton.” See the story of our newborn nation through her perspective.

Janine’s Journal: Lessons from a Beautiful Life, 1921-2015

Join Janine Pumilia, our managing editor, as she reflects on some of the best advice and wisdom her mother had to offer.

Janine’s Journal: More Than Fair-Weather Neighbors

Inclusion. Caring. Respect. Transparency. Trustworthiness. Unity. Ideation. Responsibility. Interconnectedness. Those are big ideals to live up to, but they’re essential to transformation, writes managing editor Janine Pumilia.

Janine’s Journal: Day Trippin’ with Dogs

Summer’s all about making memories with family, friends, and in this case, furry friends. Travel with managing editor Janine Pumilia, as she explores our region with those she loves most.

Janine’s Journal: Bring on the Butterflies

The only constant in life may be change, but managing editor Janine Pumilia reflects on the positive advancements surrounding the community.

Janine’s Journal: Hooray for Stubborn Optimism

Why write only about ourselves in this 10th anniversary edition? Janine Pumilia explores the many other sources of inspiration we have to thank for Northwest Quarterly’s first decade.