15 Plants Worth Knowing & Growing

It’s finally time to make our gardens look beautiful and colorful. NWQ’s nursery experts suggest some of this year’s delightful new plants and some time-tested favorites that will keep your gardens looking lush all season.

Success Story: LawnCare by Walter Inc

Meet an enterprising couple who find success amid setbacks, and who seek new ways to keep customers happy all year long.

Springtime in the Gardens

If you’ve never strolled through these three magnificent gardens maybe this is the year to stop and smell the roses … and hundreds of other flowers. Discover the horticulture at three of our favorite local attractions.

Janine’s Journal: Whatsoever Things Are Lovely

You never know what kinds of interesting and inspiring individuals you’ll meet when you get out of the office and explore our region.

Gentle Giants: Our Local Clydesdale Connection

What has feet the size of dinner plates and loves to nuzzle your neck? The Clydesdale draft horse, once the lifeblood of many Midwestern farms. Meet a family of Clydesdale breeders who have carefully tracked this lovable horse.

7 Ways to Celebrate Autumn

We offer some of our favorite ways to savor the simple joys of the harvest season, from cooking up fresh garden produce to adding fall panache to your home.

Janine’s Journal: Deep Roots, Strong Wings, & Laughter in the Walls

I find great memories of my family in this old house, and I wonder if someone else will share that laughter when my family has moved.

From the Managing Editor: On Fairy Tales, George Clooney & ‘Star Trek’

Maybe a 50th birthday isn’t so bad. Turns out, those born in 1961 have seen some big events in a half-century. And, they’re keeping good company, too.

From the Managing Editor: Springtime Lessons from the Garden

It’s been a cold and gloomy end to this winter, but the warm, vibrant colors of spring are coming, and with it a fresh start on life.

From the Managing Editor: Writers and Other Wild Things

Writers are a pretty wild bunch. All the stereotypes you hold about them are probably true.