Janine’s Journal: Lessons from a Beautiful Life, 1921-2015

Join Janine Pumilia, our managing editor, as she reflects on some of the best advice and wisdom her mother had to offer.

Janine’s Journal: More Than Fair-Weather Neighbors

Inclusion. Caring. Respect. Transparency. Trustworthiness. Unity. Ideation. Responsibility. Interconnectedness. Those are big ideals to live up to, but they’re essential to transformation, writes managing editor Janine Pumilia.

Janine’s Journal: Day Trippin’ with Dogs

Summer’s all about making memories with family, friends, and in this case, furry friends. Travel with managing editor Janine Pumilia, as she explores our region with those she loves most.

Janine’s Journal: Discoveries in The Big Easy

It’s amazing what a different perspective and a little traveling can provide. Janine Pumilia explores the wonders of a recent trip to New Orleans.

Janine’s Journal: The Sense of Wonder

Aren’t children amazing, as they experience their world with awe and wonder at every turn. What if we, too, could think like a youngster again?

Janine’s Journal: Work Hard, Play Hard. N’est-ce Pas?

Sometimes we all need a brief vacation to refresh our minds. Here are a few suggestions for how you might spend a random day away from the office grind.

Janine’s Journal: Back in the USSR

What’s going on in the world today? Something about it just takes me back to 1983.

Janine’s Journal: The Quest for Quiet

Even in the swing of our hectic modern lifestyles, it’s occasionally important to simply relax and rejuvenate. This winter, executive editor Janine Pumilia ponders the joys of a little quiet time.

Style & Comfort in the Cozy Home

Keep your home warm and cozy throughout the long winter, with a few simple updates to your favorite rooms. Our experts offer ideas for transforming your rooms into inviting winter spaces.

Janine’s Journal: Reasoning Together With God

Jesus is the reason for the Christmas season, but what exactly does that mean? Janine Pumilia explores faith and the Messiah at the advent of our holiday season.