Janine’s Journal: Deep Roots, Strong Wings, & Laughter in the Walls

I find great memories of my family in this old house, and I wonder if someone else will share that laughter when my family has moved.

City Church/Country Church

Organized religion plays a major role in the culture of our Northern Illinois/Southern Wisconsin region. We enjoy highlighting places of worship, one in the country and one in the city, in each issue.

Mind & Spirit Events, At a Glance

There’s so much to do in the Old Northwest Territory! Here’s a glimpse at what’s happening this fall.

Outpatient Surgery: The Doctor is In; The Patient is Out

Outpatient surgeries are becoming an increasingly popular option, thanks to advancements in surgical techniques and pain management – a “win-win-win” for patients, hospitals and insurance providers alike.

Byron Forest Preserve District: Preserving and Enjoying the Land of Ogle County

For nearly 30 years, this district has quietly grown to include education centers, green construction, a golf course and numerous other attractions. Discover what these 2,000 acres hold for nature-lovers and recreation enthusiasts.

Genuine Northwest

Summer 2011 – Discover these unique locations that reflect the genuine character of our region.

Let Your Summer Fashionista Come Out to Play

Find out what’s hot this summer, as NWQ travels to the shores of Lake Geneva for its summer fashion shoot.

Great Places To Eat Out(side)

When the weather’s nice, it’s hard to stay holed up inside. We stopped by some of our favorites to ask what makes each special.

Dr. Gordon Kwok Tung Chu, Neurosurgeon

Meet a neurosurgeon whose specialty is spinal disorders and tumor-related operations.

20 (or more) Terrific Ornamental Trees

Ornamental trees can add shade, color and liveliness to any landscape, but there’s a certain art to finding the right one for your landscape. Learn about the best varieties and what makes them so popular.