Employee or Independent Contractor?

Many businesses are relying on contract workers to get things done and reduce overhead expenses. But does your contractor qualify as an employee? Jennifer Lollino of Sickich LLP explains.

A New Era for Rockford’s Favorite Park

The modern, eco-friendly centerpiece at Rockford’s first and favorite park is nearly complete. Take a tropical tour at the park, and learn about the LEED construction, artistic design and the new life for this riverside destination.

Winterizing Your Home

Don’t get caught, er, out in the cold, this winter. Here are some helpful tips from the pros on how you can safeguard your home against the ravages of another cold, Midwestern winter.

Nooks & Crannies

Fall 2011 – Discover these unique stores that remain off the beaten path

Bold Colors Lead Fall Fashion

The seasons are changing, and so is your wardrobe. Check out this fall’s popular color choices and fresh ideas for a fun and flirty outfit.

Perry Rock Pub: Richly Appointed for Good Food & Fun

Restaurant Profile: Meet an exciting new upscale pub that picks up where this building’s former occupant left off.

CD Party is a Stylish Way to Support the Arts

An inventive hair stylist and her crew are using their many talents to help the Rockford Art Museum.

Seeing Clearly: Treating Common Vision Problems

Vision is probably our most important sense, but we often take it for granted. Learn about some common eye problems and the effective treatments now available.

Success Story: Dogwood Petcare Center

Meet a doggie doctor who’s built solid relationships by listening carefully to his two-legged clients and their four-legged friends.

Rising Above the Grief

Rising above personal pain, Rockford native Tom Zuba uses his own experience with grief and tragedy to comfort others.