6 Can’t-Miss Holiday Shopping Destinations

Sure, you can do all of your shopping online or at the mall. But you’re missing out. For a truly memorable gift-giving season, head out to some of these inspiring downtown districts. We promise you’ll find unique gifts and a fun experience along the way

NWQ’s Holiday Shopping Guide

Holiday shopping doesn’t have to be a chore. Make it an adventure by exploring six trendy local boutiques and dozens of suggestions for wonderful gifts found at locally owned stores throughout our area.

5 Ways To Support the Bereaved During the Holidays

Handling the holiday season can be a challenge for those in mourning. Heed these tips on how to interact with and support those who are grieving during the holidays.

Janine’s Journal: Rudolph on My Mind

Watching “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” is a holiday staple for Janine Pumilia, our managing editor. Delve into her reflections on the anti-bullying theme.

Northwest Quiz: Holiday Traditions

So many special holidays are celebrated during this time of year, and each comes with specific traditions. Test your knowledge of these winter festivals by matching each item in the photo to its correct holiday.

Light Up the Holidays!

This winter, check out these holiday light shows that are transforming our region’s landscape into a winter wonderland.

Put the Fun Back Into Shopping: NWQ’s Holiday Shopping Guide

There was a time when holiday shopping was a lot of fun, not just a chore accomplished at the mall or online. Start off your holiday season with some fun by checking out unique, locally owned businesses in these 10 destinations.

Holiday Recipes from Northwest Quarterly & Friends

As the holidays approach, we offer a collection of time-tested recipes handed down from our ancestors.