Ethnic Heritage Museum Showcases Our Roots

The Rockford area has been settled by many an immigrant family, and their diverse backgrounds have done much to shape our city’s history. Discover a local museum where those cultures and their influences are celebrated.

Smart Living Weekly – August 26, 2015

  Ethnic Festival in Midtown Aug. 30 Right in Our Region: Residents from all walks of life will come together to celebrate Rockford’s diverse communities, during the second annual Midtown…
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Smart Living Weekly – April 8, 2015

  ‘Many Faces, One Community’ Now Complete at Midway Village Museum Right in Our Region: The reasons for leaving their homelands were many: famine, war, poverty, birth order. (After all,…
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Smart Living Weekly – July 23, 2014

  Family, Food & Fun at Festa Italiana Right in Our Region: Celebrate Rockford’s rich Italian heritage at Festa Italiana, Aug. 1-3, on the grounds at Boylan Catholic High School,…
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Midway Village Unveils Tribute to Rockford Immigrants

Six years in the making, ‘Many Faces, One Nation,’ places visitors in the shoes of immigrants who have helped to build Rockford. Learn how the exhibit came about, and what startling facts its curators uncovered.