Real Furniture, Made the Amish Way

It’s beautiful, and sustainable, and it’s locally made, by craftsmen who pride themselves on quality. Find out why this furniture is made to last far longer than the big-box variety.

New-Look Aviators Soar to Greater Heights

Formerly known as the RiverHawks, Rockford’s minor-league baseball team is enjoying a new identity and and an exciting new season.

Success Story: Venier Jewelers

Discover a 68-year-old family-run business that succeeds by blending trend and tradition.

Events at a Glance: Recreation & Destinations Calendar

There’s so much to do in our region! Here are some exciting recreation events happening this season.

Events at a Glance: Recreation & Destinations Calendar

There’s so much to do in our region of the Old Northwest Territory! Here’s a sample of our recreation and destination events

Quilts: Piecing Together Our Past, Present and Future

Quilting is a time-honored activity commemorating family and tradition. Discover the patterns, techniques and significance of this ancient art, and meet local quilters dedicated to keeping it alive.

Janine’s Journal: Deep Roots, Strong Wings, & Laughter in the Walls

I find great memories of my family in this old house, and I wonder if someone else will share that laughter when my family has moved.

Basil Tree Ristorante: Elegant Italian Dishes, Old World Ambiance

Restaurant Profile: Meet a family of Chicago restaurateurs who serve up delicious Italian dishes in a beautifully restored Dixon building.

Costa’s Italian Ristorante: Where Old Family Recipes are Treasured

Restaurant Profile: Like many Italian-Americans, family is everything. Meet a restaurant owner who takes that to heart, with homemade food and a welcoming atmosphere.

Meet Dr. Duane Hansen, Dentist

Meet Dr. Duane Hansen, a dentist serving Dental Designers and RockRiver Dental, both in Rockford, Ill.
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