Smart Living Weekly – September 2, 2015

  67th Grand Detour Arts Festival Right in Our Region: Dixon’s growing arts scene is sure to enhance the experience of this year’s Grand Detour Arts Festival on Sunday, Sept….
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Janine’s Journal: Day Trippin’ with Dogs

Summer’s all about making memories with family, friends, and in this case, furry friends. Travel with managing editor Janine Pumilia, as she explores our region with those she loves most.

Smart Living Weekly – June 24, 2015

  Five Days of Fun at Petunia Festival Right in Our Region: The five-day, 51st annual Petunia Festival in Dixon, Ill., will begin with time travel and end with fireworks…
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The Emerging Focus of Joint Surgery

More active adults are seeking joint replacement surgeries when their joints have worn out. Learn how new advancements are helping patients to recover faster and regain their lifestyles after this elective operation.

Nooks & Crannies, Winter Edition

Check out these unusual and inventive stores around our area.

Business Outlook 2015

Things are looking up, and local communities are positioning themselves to make the most of it. Check in with chamber of commerce leaders from seven cities to see what they expect from the new year ahead.

Smart Living Weekly – January 21, 2015

  Local Gem Sparkles on National TV Right in Our Region: “Ladies and gentleman, your next American Idol i-i-is ….” Television viewers by the millions have tuned in for the…
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Birth: The Enduring Miracle of Life

Successfully delivering a newborn takes a lot of patience and care. Meet some of the passionate health professionals who share the excitement of birth with new mothers and fathers.

Dixon Hosts National Watercolor Exhibit

The Next Picture Show is one of just five venues to host an impressive collection of paintings shared by some of the world’s most respected artists. Explore a few of the sights at this latest exhibit.

Genuine Northwest, Summer Edition

Check out these unique destinations that reflect the genuine character of our region.