Northwest Landscapes, Holiday Edition

Check out this amazing image, captured by a local photographer.

Prairie Promises

Illinois was once covered by more than 20 million acres of prairie, but now less than 2,500 acres of quality remnant prairie are left. Jamie Johannsen explores prairie’s role in the environment and restoration efforts in the Prairie State.

Northwest Quiz, Spring-Summer Edition

Many wildflowers native to Illinois are just poking their heads up from a winter’s slumber. See if you can identify some of them.

Northwest Landscapes, Winter 2013

Check out these amazing images from around our area. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge.

Northwest Landscapes, Fall Edition

Enjoy these great photographs from our local talent.

Seeing the Forest and the Trees

Our woodlands bear little resemblance to the original forests encountered by settlers here in the 1800s. But to understand the fate of the forests and the plants and animals within, we must see them as complex ecosystems.

Species Spotlight

Get to know our area’s amazing diversity of animal species. Here are a few of our wild neighbors.

Events at a Glance: Mind & Spirit Calendar

There’s so much to do in our neck of the Old Northwest Territory! Here’s a sampling of some upcoming events.

Northwest Landscapes, Summer Edition

Enjoy these great photographs from our local talent

Birding in the Old Northwest Territory

Love birds? So do we. Jamie Johannsen leas us on an insider’s tour of the best birding hot spots in our region. Get tips from local amateur birders about the species you can expect to find in these wild, beautiful places.