For Love of the Land

Some of the most important conservationists in the nation have called Illinois and Wisconsin home. Get to know local luminary Aldo Leopold and meet others who’ve championed our wildlife throughout the generations.

Major Improvements Coming to Byron Forest Preserve District

Big things are coming to this small city and its incredible 2,000-acre natural preserve. Discover what new attractions and events are coming, and how your family can experience them.

Connecting with Nature in Winter

It’s true, winter is a time where we can value silence and the crisp winds. We make the case for getting outside and exploring the winter landscape, through many recreational activities.

Saving a Web of Life in Dixon

Few city parks earn the designation of Illinois Nature Preserve, but part of Dixon’s Lowell Park beats the odds. Learn why its caretakers believe they have a gem that deserves protection.

Prairie Promises

Illinois was once covered by more than 20 million acres of prairie, but now less than 2,500 acres of quality remnant prairie are left. Jamie Johannsen explores prairie’s role in the environment and restoration efforts in the Prairie State.

Seeing the Forest and the Trees

Our woodlands bear little resemblance to the original forests encountered by settlers here in the 1800s. But to understand the fate of the forests and the plants and animals within, we must see them as complex ecosystems.