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Abby Cook, Annika Waldron and Regan Cook are all part of the Girl Scouts of Northern Illinois Council.
Girl Scouts at 100: Making a Better World, One Girl at a Time

As Girl Scouts around the world prepare to kick off their second century, discover what’s new, and what remains the same, in the organization that was founded eight years before U.S. women got the right to vote.

Nicholas Conservatory & Gardens, lit up at night. (Dustin Waller photo)
A New Era for Rockford’s Favorite Park

The modern, eco-friendly centerpiece at Rockford’s first and favorite park is nearly complete. Take a tropical tour at the park, and learn about the LEED construction, artistic design and the new life for this riverside destination.

The banks of the Rock River in Janesville, north of the Veteran’s Memorial Bridge burst with fall brilliance. (Bill Hughes photo)
Life Along the Rock: Seasonal Charm Flows With the Current

What’s even more beautiful than the riotous color of trees in autumn? Trees in autumn standing along a grand river like our own Rock. Karla Nagy shares some of our favorite vantage points, from Janesville to Dixon.

GlenCoe Sweet Mariah mugs for the photographer. (Rebecca O'Malley photo)
Gentle Giants: Our Local Clydesdale Connection

What has feet the size of dinner plates and loves to nuzzle your neck? The Clydesdale draft horse, once the lifeblood of many Midwestern farms. Meet a family of Clydesdale breeders who have carefully tracked this lovable horse.

One of our favorite things about autumn: farmers markets
7 Ways to Celebrate Autumn

We offer some of our favorite ways to savor the simple joys of the harvest season, from cooking up fresh garden produce to adding fall panache to your home.