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Living the Good Life: Why We Love Our Region

We all live here for a reason, and some of us are downright passionate about life in our region. Meet 24 residents who represent many walks of life in our communities, and see why they call this place home.

Olson chose to visit the wild bears in August, when they would be feasting on the fresh salmon which come here to spawn and die.  Brown bears and grizzly bears are the same species. Brown bears are somewhat larger, because they live on coastal areas where protein-rich fish is plentiful. Their snouts have developed, over time, to be slightly more elongated than the grizzlies’. The bear’s sense of smell is so keen, it can detect a scent from 10 miles away.
The Bears of Legends

Rockford photographer David C. Olson is no stranger to danger, when it comes to photographing wildlife. Follow him on his latest adventure, capturing wild bears in Alaska, and see his breathtaking shots.

The Lincoln-Tallman House.
The Lincoln-Tallman House: Janesville’s Gem

Built more than 150 years ago, the Lincoln-Tallman House in Janesville is a landmark of historic architecture. It’s also the only surviving residence in Wisconsin where Abraham Lincoln actually slept.

Gordon Kaye, arena general manager (left); Mike Dunn, chairman of the Rockford Area Venues & Entertainment Authority; Heather Storm, Assistant GM and booking/marketing director.
The BMO Harris Bank Center: There’s No ‘I’ in Teamwork

Once the object of a city’s ire and disappointment, Rockford’s downtown arena is enjoying a new lease on life. With a new name, a new team, a new attitude and some early successes, the former MetroCentre is well on its way toward a winning season.

Abby Cook, Annika Waldron and Regan Cook are all part of the Girl Scouts of Northern Illinois Council.
Girl Scouts at 100: Making a Better World, One Girl at a Time

As Girl Scouts around the world prepare to kick off their second century, discover what’s new, and what remains the same, in the organization that was founded eight years before U.S. women got the right to vote.