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Burkholder in his studio, with the image he chose for the cover of his book, Seeing It In Black and White
Paul Burkholder Captures the ‘It Moment’

Dr. Paul Burkholder mixes old-school photography techniques with the latest digital technology. Meet this retired Rockford physician whose keen eye for our world in action is reflected in his thought-provoking images.

Baltimore oriole (David C. Olson photo)
Birding in the Old Northwest Territory

Love birds? So do we. Jamie Johannsen leas us on an insider’s tour of the best birding hot spots in our region. Get tips from local amateur birders about the species you can expect to find in these wild, beautiful places.

Moviegoers enjoy The Avengers at Highway 18 in Jefferson, Wis. (Karla Nagy photo)
Movies Al Fresco: A Uniquely American Experience

The drive-in theater was once the place to be, for good reason. Step back in time to explore the history of this very American tradition. Meet some creative drive-in owners who are bucking the odds to keep this experience alive.

The main gate area celebrates spring without an annual plant in sight. Note how the geometrically shaped Japanese lantern echoes the geometric gate structure. (Anderson Japanese Gardens photo)
Springtime in the Gardens

If you’ve never strolled through these three magnificent gardens maybe this is the year to stop and smell the roses … and hundreds of other flowers. Discover the horticulture at three of our favorite local attractions.

Walt Houck (middle) and Jim Huckabee (right) square off in a recent match at the Beloit Horseshoe Club. (Rebecca O'Malley photo)
For the Love of Horseshoes

In a city once dominated by horseshoe courts, a lively group keeps the tradition alive in Beloit. Meet the players at Beloit Horseshoe Club, and discover why, for these players, it’s more than a game — it’s a sport that makes friends from strangers.