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Yellow Slice Calibrachoa (Proven Winners photo)
Exciting New Plants This Summer

Home gardeners aren’t the only folks anticipating the spring introductions of new annuals, perennials, trees and shrubs. Janine Pumilia asks our local greenhouse experts which ones they’re most excited about.

Veteran Jim McPherson works with Molly, a German Shepherd. (Jon McGinty photo)
Vets Helping Pets Helping Vets

Improving quality of life for U.S. veterans is the goal of Circle of Change, a program that teaches vets how to handle traumatized dogs. Jon McGinty visits some dog training sessions and learns how man and his best friend help each other to heal.

Downtown Rockton is the place to be during the summer. Residents and visitors alike enjoy visiting the many shops and restaurants, or just sitting out and enjoying the warm weather.  (Tom Holoubek photo)
Rockton: A Place to Call Home

Join Paul Anthony Arco for a stroll down Main Street in Rockton, Ill., to see why this quiet village holds so many good memories and upcoming opportunities for residents and visitors alike.

Kim Meier. (Tom Holoubek photo)
Kim Meier: Down on the Farm

Since she got on her first tractor at the age of 5, Kim Meier has had a passion for agriculture. Meet this Freeport farmer, and discover what she loves about the region she calls home.

Photo by David C. Olson
It Really Is a Winter Wonderland

Why stay indoors when there’s so much to explore in your own backyard? Jamie Johannsen leads a tour of the best outdoor winter activities our region has to offer.