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The landscape along East State Street and First Street in downtown Rockford has evolved in many ways over the past decade. (Samantha Ryan photo)
The Rebirth of Rockford’s East Historic District

Remember when finding a parking spot or being seated in a downtown Rockford restaurant on a Friday night was never a problem? Thankfully, those days are gone. Tour the east part of downtown and see what’s new and what’s in the works.

U.S. Marines watch as UN aircraft bomb enemy troops during the Chosin Reservoir campaign.
Korea: The Forgotten War Remembered

To reduce the odds of all-out war with the Soviet Union, President Truman called the Korean War a “police action,” but to the soldiers who fought, this proxy war was still war. Meet some of the men from our area who served.

Rockford's Ralph Emerson
Rockford’s Ralph Emerson: Right Man for the Times

His poet-philosopher cousin is more famous, but this Rockford businessman had the practical sense to develop many of the city’s most important industries. Discover more about this man who stood tall in our community.

Friends often gather for a pick-up game of hockey at the ice house. Back Row: Craig Pruka, Adam Tobias, Nick Toneys, Jay Graham, Jon Severson, Carson Davies. Front Row: Reno Murphy, Josh McCardle, David Casalena, Jordan Stewart. (Samantha Ryan photo)
Riverview Ice House Turns 40

When businesses were abandoning downtown Rockford in the 1970s, city and park district leaders made a bold decision: build an indoor ice rink on the river. Guess what? It laid the groundwork for today’s renaissance.

Mike Williamson performs at many local venues with his bandmates, pianist Bob Rub and drummer Bob DeVita. (Samantha Ryan photo)
Mike Williamson: The Music Man

He tried to make it in Vegas, but really, Rockford has always been home for this entertainer, whom you might recognize for his appearance on local stages and at area supper clubs.