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Evening news anchor Sean Muserallo.
WREX’s Sean Muserallo: Starting to Feel Like Home

This new arrival to Rockford has experienced many sides of journalism during his career. Meet this evening anchor, and discover what drew him from the South to the Midwest.

Dennis Dreher’s wildly colorful suburban backyard in Bull Valley. (Jamie Johannsen photo)
How to Plant With Wildlife in Mind

Our neatly manicured lawns may be a source of pride, but at what cost to our wildlife? Jamie Johannsen explains why it’s time for a new mindset in residential landscaping.

VetsRoll: A Tribute to the Greatest Generation

They served our country in terrible times, and yet many of the men and women who served in World War II have never seen their memorials in Washington. Meet a family that did something to thank these vets.

Anderson Japanese Gardens
Seven Great Gardens

We easily take for granted the remarkable variety of impressive gardens here in Rockford. Take a brief tour of seven excellent, national-attention-grabbing places that you can explore today.

Even with a diverse population, New Glarus holds fast to its Swiss heritage. (Karla Nagy photo)
New Glarus: America’s Little Switzerland

Talk about love of ancestry. The folks in this small Wisconsin town know exactly where they came from, and where they’re headed. Explore how you can be part of the fun this season.