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Freeport Art Museum’s extensive collection includes this example of pietra dura -- pictures made entirely from colored stones that have been hand-cut and hand-polished. (Karla Nagy photo)
Women at Work: Pursuing the Careers of Their Dreams

Who says women can’t have an amazing and fulfilling career? Meet a few local ladies who’ve worked their way into some prestigious roles.

Dr. Linda Razbadouski, of InnovaMed Aesthetic Care, in Rockford, performs a variety of procedures to help patients regain a more youthful appearance. (Samantha Ryan photos)
5 Ways to Keep a Youthful Appearance

Your skin can say just as much about your health as your inner workings. Learn from the team at InnovaMed Aesthetic Care, in Rockford, how to keep that skin looking great.

Woman at Work: A ‘Man’s World’ No More

Meet five local women who hold careers in fields typically dominated by men, and discover what it took to find success.

It’s Time to Grab the Girls and Get Away

We all need a break from time to time, and this is a perfect time of year to get away. Here are a few fun places in our region where you and your gal pals can escape for a few days.

Fur coats can come in a variety of styles and colors, from natural blacks, browns and ivories to vibrantly dyed hues.
Helpful Hints for Selecting a Fur Coat

A new fur coat is an investment that could be shared for generations. Before you buy a warm fur this winter, here are a few buying tips from the experts at York Furrier, in Elmhurst.