Northwest Woman - 4
Sally Barkow
Four Ladies Changing Their Worlds

From sailing the seas to prosecuting criminals, these amazing women are changing the world and setting new standards for women in their workplaces.

Working Together for Breast Cancer Patients

Did you know that breakthroughs in breast reconstruction surgery are happening right here in Rockford? Meet a team of doctors and engineers who are changing the lives of women with cancer.

DC Estate Winery Wedding by Peer Canvas Rockford Photographer
Wedding Stories: Dreamy Wedding Backdrops

We’ve looked high and low for some of this area’s most spectacular wedding destinations. Discover some of our favorites, and discover exclusive content from the stories of couples who recently said “I do.”

Freeport Art Museum’s extensive collection includes this example of pietra dura -- pictures made entirely from colored stones that have been hand-cut and hand-polished. (Karla Nagy photo)
Women at Work: Pursuing the Careers of Their Dreams

Who says women can’t have an amazing and fulfilling career? Meet a few local ladies who’ve worked their way into some prestigious roles.

Dr. Linda Razbadouski, of InnovaMed Aesthetic Care, in Rockford, performs a variety of procedures to help patients regain a more youthful appearance. (Samantha Ryan photos)
5 Ways to Keep a Youthful Appearance

Your skin can say just as much about your health as your inner workings. Learn from the team at InnovaMed Aesthetic Care, in Rockford, how to keep that skin looking great.