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Kevin Polky has operated KP Counseling for the past 18 years. He also helped form the nonprofit “Shatter Our Silence” to bring awareness to young adult suicide.
Know Your Neighbors: Kevin Polky

Meet a Rockford man who overcame personal challenges to become a beacon of light for others.

Restored Horicon Marsh in northern Dodge Co., Wis.
For Love of the Land

Some of the most important conservationists in the nation have called Illinois and Wisconsin home. Get to know local luminary Aldo Leopold and meet others who’ve championed our wildlife throughout the generations.

George Buss (Abraham Lincoln) holds a sign that will be displayed in Freeport next year, announcing the city’s inclusion in the Abraham Lincoln National Heritage Area.
Abraham Lincoln’s Freeport Connection

In 1858, Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas faced off in a series of debates throughout Illinois, and the outcome was life-altering for everyone. Learn how Freeport is celebrating Lincoln’s legacy today.

More than 70 years elapsed between the first women’s rights convention and the ratification of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which granted women the right to vote in 1920. Many women from our region played pivotal roles in the suffragist movement that occurred during this time, and it was their work that led Illinois and Wisconsin to become the first to ratify the Amendment in June 1919. (Library of Congress photo)
Local Suffragists and the 19th Amendment

As Illinois and Wisconsin raced to be the first states that enshrined women’s voting rights in the Constitution, a wider movement was also being led by women in our region. Learn how their work impacted life as we know it today.

Charlie Gebhardt shows off some of the medals he earned while serving in the Korean War. (Samantha Behling photo)
The Coldest Battle of the Korean War

Battling a relentless enemy and biting temperatures that reached 35 below zero, Charlie Gebhardt was among the American troops beating a hasty retreat at the Chosin Reservoir in late 1950.