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Today’s kitchen has features and appliances that not ony make our lives easier, but also take away some of the guesswork. Here, KitchenAid’s Architect II suite of appliances includes a flat cooktop, warming drawer, refrigerator drawers, built-in convection microwave and wine cellar. (KitchenAid photo)
Smart Technology: Kitchens That Know More than We Do

Kitchens and the equipment inside them are stepping into the 21st century with energy-saving appliances and new features aplenty.

Rick George, president of Lonnie’s StoneCrafters, Rockford, in front of the new CNC saw and router the shop acquired this past July. New software upgrades make Lonnie’s a 100-percent digital enterprise. (Dustin Waller photo)
‘Counter’ Culture: Installation Goes High-Tech

Kitchen appliance technology isn’t all that’s changing these days. Learn how the tools to make high-quality countertops are also getting a digital makeover.

Comfortable, Enjoyable Living During the Golden Years

Retirement is the start of a whole new journey. Check out these exceptional local retirement centers, where residents find out how wonderful life can be, with maintenance-free living, plenty of independence and all the amenities they could wish for.