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Dr. Nadine Thomas
Meet Dr. Nadine Thomas, Cardiologist

Meet a Rockton-area cardiologist who’s part of a growing team of specialists in cardiac and women’s care.

Dr. William Hillman
Meet the Doctors at Primary Eye Care Centers

Meet the experienced optometry team now working under one roof at Primary Eye Care Centers, Rockford.

Health & Fitness:
What it Really Takes to Become a Doctor

The long, arduous process of becoming a doctor is easier said than done. Meet a student completing medical school, and learn what challenges still lay ahead.

Dr. Yonghua "Michael" Zhang
Meet Dr. Yonghua “Michael” Zhang, Neurologist

Meet Dr. Yonghua “Michael” Zhang, Neurologist, a neurologist at Illinois Neurological Institute, in Rockford, Ill.
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Dr. Duane Hansen
Meet Dr. Duane Hansen, Dentist

Meet Dr. Duane Hansen, a dentist serving Dental Designers and RockRiver Dental, both in Rockford, Ill.
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