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Dr. Barry Barnes performs outpatient surgery at FHN in Freeport. About 75 percent of elective surgeries there are performed on an outpatient basis.
Outpatient Surgery: The Doctor is In; The Patient is Out

Outpatient surgeries are becoming an increasingly popular option, thanks to advancements in surgical techniques and pain management – a “win-win-win” for patients, hospitals and insurance providers alike.

Gordon Chu, neurosurgeon
Dr. Gordon Kwok Tung Chu, Neurosurgeon

Meet a neurosurgeon whose specialty is spinal disorders and tumor-related operations.

The cath lab control room at KSB Hospital in Dixon, Ill.
KSB Hospital Growing for the Greater Good

See what it is about this dynamic, small-city health system that makes it a top choice for the Dixon area, and a destination for the next generation of rural-health specialists.

Baylie Ecklund, Stonebridge Kennels, puts razor to fur during a grooming session. (Karla Nagy photo)
Sometimes, Rover Needs a Spa Day, Too

Our furry companions require daily grooming to keep healthy and feel good. Learn from the professionals about how to keep your dog healthy, and how the pros can help.

A team of surgeons from Mercy Health System
Mercy Health System: 128 Years Later, This Health System is a Star

Mercy Hospital in Janesville hasn’t always had the state-of-the-art trauma services that now help a million people every year. Learn how this award-winning hospital reinvented itself.