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Catherine Harb, Dentist at Midway Dental, Rockford, Ill.
Catherine Harb, Dentist

For Catherine Harb, D.M.D., a dentist at Midwest Dental in Rockford, there is no greater satisfaction than caring for a satisfied customer. “I help to change lives for the better,”…
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Jane Weldon, vice president of mission integration and clinic operations, and Mark Thompson, MD, chief medical officer, look out from the second floor of the new hospital toward the current facility.
Monroe Clinic Builds Hospitality into Hospitalization

This health system in northwestern Illinois and southwestern Wisconsin is aggressively expanding, and as it opens a brand-new, state-of-the-art hospital, the future’s looking bright.

“Oh Bother!” Treating Those Nagging Little Pains

Those little nuisances that we all suffer from — headaches, runny nose, sore joints — may be nothing, or they could be the signals of bigger troubles. Learn about some common pains and how they affect you.

Danna Krischke, a fitness instructor at Peak Fitness, in Loves Park, Ill., leads a CX Worx fitness class, which combines music with exercise. (Chris Linden photo)
Wintertime Workout: How to Burn Off That Holiday Cheer

Stand by your New Year’s Resolutions this year with a wintertime workout routine. Learn how to craft a winning workout, and learn how one local gym makes it easy for the family to stay in shape.

Cardiothoracic Surgeon Dr. Karen Thompson consults with Radiation Oncologist Dr. Samuel Andrews and Medical Oncologist Dr. Sharon Shipp at SwedishAmerican’s Multidisciplinary Lung Cancer Center.
Fighting the Rise in Preventable Cancers

Diagnosing and treating simple forms of cancer is becoming easier than ever, thanks to new advancements. Meet the doctors dedicated to helping patients fight this preventable disease.