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How Kids’ Bad Habits Lead to Adult Health Crises

Those little habits you learn as a kid could come back to bite you as an adult. Learn from these experts why it’s so important to teach kids healthy habits, before they become a statistic.

A cardiologist reads the results of a digital imaging test in the cardiac catheterization lab of KSB Hospital in Dixon.
Healing Hearts: What’s New, What’s Still Tried and True

Heart surgery has come a long way over the past 120 years, but new advances are making procedures safer and easier than in generations past. Learn about some of the classic, always-reliable methods and some groundbreaking new procedures.

Registered dietitian Jeanie Burke teaches people how plant-filled diets can help their bodies to function at their best. (Chris LInden photo)
10 Steps Toward More Healthful Eating

With summer right around the corner, it’s time to get that beach body back. NWQ sat down with local nutritionist Jeanie Burke to learn how her animal-free vegan diets can keep you health — and happy.

Dr. Shaun Kurien, Cardiologist at OSF St. Anthony Medical Center, Rockford, Ill.
Dr. Shaun Kurien, Cardiologist

Shaun Kurien, MD, says a combination of things make specializing in cardiovascular medicine rewarding. “I like the physiology, the types of patients, and the challenging diversity of the field,” he…
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Dr Robert Harner, cardiologist at NorthPointe Health & Wellness Center, Rockton, Ill.
Dr. Robert Harner, Cardiologist

The Team with “Heart Smarts” Dr. Robert Harner and his experienced provider staff have worked together for over 15 years and know the best way to take care of your…
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